Professionals in Turin

A new point of reference for employment law

Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo continues its growth also in 2022, with the opening of a new office in Turin, and the arrival of Lawyer Ezio Moro.  

The industrial and production specificity in Turin has always been its drive for innovation and its international flair. With the arrival of Lawyer Moro, partner and manager of the Turin office, the Firm makes the know-how of the Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo brand available to local industries and employers, in conjunction with a strong knowledge of the local territory.

Lawyer Moro and his team have extensive experience in and knowledge of employment law and industrial relations throughout the Piedmont area. The arrival of the new team at the Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo Law Firm represented a natural evolution in a period in which the personal relationship with clients must be accompanied by a “corporate” organisation of the Law Firm in a territory, such as Turin and Piedmont, in which tradition and innovation are founding values.