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Professionals in Genoa

Employment law and beyond

Continuing its path of consolidation and growth, Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo inaugurated a new office in Genoa, in2019, with the arrival of new Partners, Lawyers Maddalena Paroletti and Paolo Iasiello.

The Genoa office offers targeted employer protection services by providing in-court, out-of-court and arbitration assistance to businesses and companies in the field of employment law. It relies upon a team with in-depth knowledge of corporate, contract and administrative law, in order to provide clients with a global assistance that can optimise time and achieve the objectives at hand with the best possible results.

As employment law experts, our professionals have a detailed knowledge of national and local industrial relations, also with reference to subjects regulated by the Code of Navigation, as well as a deep-rooted experience in a variety employment industries and specific sector disciplines. They can provide up-to-date support in order to implement the best solutions in terms of costs/benefits in real time, and allow a careful assessment of legal risk management.

We also offer assistance in precautionary and interim proceedings, as well as before both civil and administrative Higher Courts; the connection with the professionals of the other Firm’s offices ensures national and international coverage.

We provide services in different areas. For example:

  • employment consulting services in preparation for corporate transactions;
  • sale of company or business unit;
  • personnel secondment;
  • disciplinary procedures and individual and collective dismissals;
  • agency contracts;
  • protection of the company in the event of compensation disputes relating to accidents at work and occupational diseases.