Raffaele De Luca Tamajo

Senior Partner

Office: Naples Italian, French +39 081 684 771 srd@toffolettodeluca.it


  • Admitted to the Italian Bar and holds rights of audience in the Italian Supreme Court.

Practice Areas

  • Employment law;
  • Labour law;
  • Industrial relations.

Current Roles

  • Professor emeritus of Employment law at Federico II University of Naples;
  • Chair of the Italian Employment Law Journal (Giuffrè);
  • Chair of the Scientific Committee for the Italian Employment Lawyers’ Association (AGI).

Memberships & Roles

  • Former Professor of Employment Law at Federico II University of Naples (1982-2015);
  • Steering Committee Member for the Association of Employment Lawyers of Naples;
  • Former Chair of the AIDLASS (Italian Association for Labour Law and Social Security) of which academics in Italian Employment and Labour Law are members (2009-2011);
  • Professeur invité of Comparative Employment Law, Nanterre University, Paris (in the 1990’s).

Publications and Lecturing

Prof. De Luca Tamajo has published a number of prestigious legal commentaries, among which: “Rights Under Employment Law” Jovene, (1976). Editor and co-author of: “Commentary on Legislative Decree n. 276 of the 10.9.2003” (with G. Santoro Passarelli), Cedam 2013; “Employment Law in the Italian Republic” (with P. Ichino, G. Ferraro, and R. Del Punta) Giuffré 2008; “Individual and Collective Dismissals under Supreme Court Rulings” (with F. Bianchi), Giuffré 2006; “Labour Market, Reform and System Constraints” (with M. Rusciano and L. Zoppoli); Reviewing Editor 2004; “The Process of Outsourcing”, ESI, 2002; “Employment Law in the 1980s”, ESI, 1988 (with L. Ventura, M. D’Antoma and G. Ferraro); “From Safeguards to Monitoring”, Giuffré, 1987 (with Aldo Cessari); “Severance Pay”, Cedam, 1984, (with Gino Giugni and Giuseppe Ferraro); “Employment Law in Crisis” Jovene, 1979, (with Luciano Ventura).

He is the co-author of the “Employment Law Contracts Manual” and the “Union Law Manual” (Utet Giuridica, 2015 edition) with Professors Treu, Carinci and Tosi. The latter was also translated into Spanish and published (Comares, 2015)


In addition to heading up the Journal of Italian Employment Law, Prof. De Luca Tamajo contributes to the management of the following Journals: The New Civil Law Commentary; The Employment Law Register; Law, Employment, Markets; Issues in Employment Law; Employment Law Quarterly.

He is also a member of the Review Board for the following Journals: The Law of Industrial Relations; the Law of Employment and Industrial Relations; The New Civil Law Commentary.


Prof. De Luca Tamajo has presented at various national and international conferences (in Monaco, Madrid, Paris, Saragozza, Cordova) and authored the Final Report for the International Society for Employment Law and Social Security Conference (Paris, 2006) on “Employment Law and Productive Decentralization”.