Vincenzo Luciani


Office: Naples Italian, English +39 081 684 771


  • Law Degree, University of Naples (1987)
  • PhD in Employment and Labour Law, University of Catanzaro (1995)
  • Admitted to the Italian Bar in 1991
  • Rights of audience in the Italian Supreme Court since 2008

Practice Areas

  • Employment law;
  • Industrial relations;
  • Civil law;
  • Litigation;
  • Arbitration.

Publications and Lecturing

  • Tenured Professor of Employment Law at the Faculty of Economics, University of Salerno PhD;
  • Lecturer in “Legal Relations Between European and Constitutional Principles and Market Internationalisation”, University of Salerno;
  • 2014, accomplishment of the National qualification as Full Professor in Labour Law;
  • Masters Lecturer in Employment Law, University of Venice;
  • Professor, Institute of Higher Learning of Public Administration (SSPA);
  • 2014/2015 consultant for the Ministry of Education and University for the reform of schools;
  • Author of several articles and publications on Employment Law, he has recently published: “Employee Selection and Public and Private Employment Contracts” (Jovene, 2002), “Personal Damages in Employment” (ESI, 2007) in addition to publications on topics such as: Subjective effectiveness of collective bargaining agreements (2002); The Transfer Of Undertakings (2004 and 2006); Project Contracts (2010); Special Equal Treatment Clauses (2010); Ideologically Orientated Organisations (2011); Alternative Means Of Conflict As Opposed To Strike (2011), Individual Dismissal (2012) and Apprenticeship (2014).
  • Editor of the following journals: “Employment in the Public Sector” under the direction of Prof. Franco Carinci, “Law, Employment, Markets” under the direction of Prof. Raffaele De Luca Tamajo, Prof. Mario Rusciano and Prof. Lorenzo Zoppoli, “Italian Employment Law” under the direction of Prof. Raffaele De Luca Tamajo and Luigi Montuschi.


  • Review Board Coordinator for the PhD “Legal Relations between European and Constitutional Principles and Market Internationalisation” at the University of Salerno; Member of the AGI (Italian Employment Lawyers Association);
  • Member of the AIDLASS (Italian Association of Employment, Labour Law and Social Security).