Conversion of Aiuti-bis Decree Law: Smart working without agreement and new rights

Rules on smart working were amended during the parliamentary conversion procedure of Decree Law no.115/2022 (so-called Decreto Aiuti-bis). With a completely unexpected twist, the provisions that regulated the use of smart working during the pandemic have been reinstated. Until the end of the year, in fact, companies will be able to resort to smart working even in the absence of individual agreements and to file a simplified communication. As … Read more

Aiuti-ter Decree: news regarding delocalisation and bonuses

A new tranche of bonuses for workers and stricter consequences for medium-large companies that cease operations, also as a result of delocalisation. These are the main labour-related points of interest introduced by Decree Law no. 144 of 23 September 2022 (the so-called Aiuti-Ter Decree). Company closures Amendments have been made to the rules provided for by the 2022 Budget Law, which introduced new procedural obligations for … Read more

Greater protection for work-life balance

Legislative Decree No. 105 of 30 June 2022, implementing Directive (EU) 2019/1158, has been published in the Official Gazette. The Decree amends regulations regarding leave with the aim of helping parents and caregivers to improve their work-life balance and better share family responsibilities. The measure will come into force on 13 August 2022. Paternity leave The Decree revises the current rules on paternity leave by … Read more

Transparency Decree: Disclosure obligations and minimum requirements

Legislative Decree No. 104 of 27 June 2022 has been recently published. In accordance with European parameters, the decree introduces disclosure obligations for employers as well as “minimum requirements” to protect employees. These new guidelines apply to all subordinate employment contracts (fixed-term, open-ended, full and part-time) and, where compatible, to certain kinds of self-employment contracts (so called and occasional collaborations), including those already in force at 1 August 2022. The measure … Read more

Working conditions: new disclosure requirements on the way

Italy too is ready to comply with Directive (EU) 2019/1152 on transparent and predictable working conditions: on 22 June 2022, the Government announced approval of the so-called “Transparency Decree”. Pending publication in the Official Gazette, according to the outline of the measure available to date, companies are required to comply with new disclosure obligations at the time of hiring and during the … Read more

Gender Gap: Parameters to attain the certification

A further step has been taken towards fully defining a national gender equality certification system for businesses with the publication on 1 July of the Decree of the Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri (Prime Minister) of 29 April, issued pursuant to Budget Law 2022.  The so-called ‘pink stamp’ (bollino rosa), issued by accredited bodies, certifies the … Read more

Covid and safety at work – what changes for companies as of 1 July

The Shared Protocol to combat contagion in the workplace has been updated. As announced in the Italian Ministry of Labour’s communiqué dated 4 May, the Government and social partners respected their commitment: on 30 June 2022 they met and updated the Shared Protocol of 6 April 2021 containing guidelines to limit the spread of Covid … Read more

European minimum wage: Directive in the pipeline

As a result of the European debate on the minimum wage—ongoing for some years now and accelerated with the economic crisis caused by the pandemic—the EU Council and the European Parliament reached an agreement following the proposal for a directive presented on 28 October 2020. The objective of the European Union is not to standardise … Read more

Smart working – guide to updates

New protection for the vulnerable employees and extension of simplified working. These are the main new provisions in Law no. 52 of 19 May 2022 converting, with amendments, Decree no. 24/2022 (the so-called Reopening Decree).  Despite the fact that the state of emergency ended on 31 March 2022, the legislature continues to use smart working … Read more

Lavoro e scuola, il digitale deve sostenere e non dividere

LegalCommunity Awards 2019_TDLT

Lo Studio ha scelto di sostenere il progetto Digitali e Uguali, lanciato dalla Fondazione Specchio d’Italia insieme a Yoox, alle testate del gruppo Gedi e alla Fondazione Golinelli per colmare il gap digitale e ridurre le diseguaglianze. Attraverso una  raccolta fondi la Fondazione donerà alle scuole i computer di cui gli studenti hanno bisogno.  I numeri … Read more

Rapporto di agenzia: la giusta causa di recesso del preponente

Con il contratto di agenzia un imprenditore, detto preponente, affida ad un agente l’incarico, con carattere di stabilità, di promuovere nell’ambito di una zona territoriale assegnatagli la stipulazione di contratti con i terzi (art. 1742 c.c.). Molteplici sono le problematiche inerenti a questo tipo di rapporto, ma nel presente articolo focalizzeremo l’attenzione sul recesso per … Read more