Covid News

The ongoing Covid crisis has been forcing Governments and Institutions to issue new measures to contain the risk of contagion and mitigate economic and social repercussions. Today, the definition and constant updating of company procedures to ensure an adequate level of safety, in compliance with new regulations, is the first urgent imperative of every organisation. Acting today in compliance with safety regulations means preventing future problems and disputes. We have set up a team to support companies in managing the Covid-19 emergency as efficiently as possible.

How to manage the Covid emergency in the corporate setting. Are you ready?

With Covid News, our package of services created for businesses, it is possible to manage the Covid-19 emergency more efficiently. The service is made up of the following modules:

Occupational health and safety

Support in drafting or reviewing protocols and procedures to manage the Covid-19 pandemic in corporate settings, to include:

  • Contagion-prevention protocols, in compliance with regional and sector-related legislation and guidelines provided by the INL (National Labour Institute);
  • Procedures for conducting tests/swabs and managing the results, also in terms of privacy;
  • Policy in the event an employee becomes infected at the workplace;
  • Procedures for the return to work on an infected person;
  • Trade union agreements on contagion-prevention protocols and assistance in collective bargaining;
  • Compliance clauses for corporate health protocols in contracts with third parties.

Revision of contractual templates

Assistance to draft and review individual and collective contracts or agreements concerning:

  • Work schedule and tasks;
  • Remote Working;
  • Variable remuneration plans, bonuses and incentive systems;
  • Agency, consultancy, traveling personnel, procurement and agency work contracts.

Trade union agreements for staff reduction

  • Assistance and support for the negotiations and drafting of trade union agreements;
  • Drafting of individual consensual termination agreements and related administrative implementation.

New Corporate Welfare

  • Support in the definition of updated Corporate Welfare Plans, which take into account the needs of workers that may have changed as the result of the pandemic (health, psychological, insurance and welfare needs).

How much does it cost?

The service is always tailored and provided on the basis of a fee agreed with the client, defined on the basis of the size and complexity of the corporate organisation.

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