From today, lawyers’ signatures are enough for conciliation

Last Updated on March 13, 2023

The Cartabia Reform has finally extended, as of 1 March 2023, assisted negotiation handled by lawyers to labour disputes.

This is an extra-judicial procedure by which a dispute can be settled out of court, with the assistance of lawyers.

The agreements concluded and signed by the parties and their lawyers at the end of this procedure, are valid and can no longer be challenged under Article 2113 of the Civil Code, in the same way as those reached in the so-called ‘protected venues’ (Judge, trade union commissions, Territorial Labour Inspectorates, Certification Commissions), and can also be signed remotely online.

This procedure eliminates an unnecessary double step, which hitherto forced validation of agreements already reached between the parties assisted by their respective lawyers before a third body.

The procedure is fairly simple. It is triggered by an invitation from one party to the other or directly by the signing of an agreement by the parties and the lawyers, under which they decide to resort to assisted negotiation. The relevant settlement agreement, signed by the parties and authenticated by the lawyers, is final and unappealable pursuant to Article 2113 of the Italian Civil Code.  

Our Firm has already put in place the necessary tools and procedures to take immediate advantage of this new opportunity.

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