Know How Protect

In the context of the employment relationship, employees hold a privileged position when it comes to accessing trade secrets and confidential information: this is why we have developed Know How Protect. A consultancy product that reduces the risks of disclosing company secrets and of losing know-how.

How the way of working has changed in recent years

As a result of the pandemic emergency, organisations have made data and information available to their staff, for example via Cloud, focusing more on business continuity than on the implementation of supervisory protocols.

Current trends show that the “blended” way of working will become increasingly predominant and stable for many companies. An important managerial tool for organising and increasing the efficiency of business activities that requires the adoption of a series of rules, also for the purpose of protecting the business.

How companies can protect themselves

To avoid economic and structural risks of one’s business, it is important to “know how to protect” and keep one’s “know-how protected”, by adopting some appropriate precautions in advance:

  • prepare specific regulations in order to identify which documents can be considered confidential;
  • define a specific procedure pursuant to Art. 4 of the Workers’ Charter, which governs the use of IT tools, also for the purpose of ensuring adequate monitoring;
  • include specific confidentiality clauses in employment contracts and, if necessary, non-competition clauses as well. The latter are important especially for employees who, due to their role, come into contact with company secrets. Confidentiality clauses can be accepted at the time a contract is entered into or, for existing contracts, added at a later time;
  • conduct assessments on processes and IT tools that allow quickly gathering an overall picture of a company’s level of protection and any shortcomings.

Know How Protect: a 360-degree solution

Know How Protect offers clients a specialised consultancy for all issues concerning the employment relationship related to an all-encompassing approach to business protection, at defined costs and on the basis of a timetable of work provided by a dedicated group. 

Know How Protect offers discrete packages for every need

We offer three packages – Base, Strong and Full Protection – and each includes solutions for small businesses and multinational companies. From traditional agreements aimed at employee loyalty to the provision of services for the monitoring, evaluation and operation of software infrastructures deployed to increase IT security with the support of partners selected by us.

Cost of service

The consultancy service is provided at a cost defined in advance on the basis of the package selected by the client. The service includes an initial in-depth evaluation aimed at guiding clients in selecting the most suitable package for their specific needs.

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