“Mothers Bonus”. Social security contribution exemption for working mothers

Last Updated on February 12, 2024

Paragraphs 180 and 181 of the Budget Law for 2024 (Law 213/2023) introduced a social security contribution exemption for working mothers with three or more children, employed with an open-ended contract, valid from 2024 to 2026. On an experimental basis, this exemption has been extended in 2024 to also include mothers of two children. On 31 January 2024, INPS published Circular 27 detailing the procedures for making the measure operative.

The social security contribution exemption in detail

The exemption consists of a reduction in the contributions for invalidity, old age and survivors (IVS) payable by the worker (normally 9.19% of taxable salary) up to a maximum of €250 per month (to a maximum annual total of €3,000). Employers will be able to apply this exemption from January 2024 (by adjusting the contribution statements during the months of February, March and April) subject to an explicit formal request by the worker accompanied by the children’s tax codes.

Who is eligible for the mothers bonus

For the years 2024, 2025 and 2026, working mothers who have had (or adopted) at least three children, even if they are no longer living with them (or no longer living) or are entrusted exclusively to the father, until the last child turns 18, are eligible for this exemption. For 2024 only, this exemption also applies to working mothers who have had (or adopted) 2 children, and in this case until the youngest child turns 10.

This exemption is available to all working mothers, including apprentices, hired with an open-ended full-time or part-time contract, in any economic sector (excluding domestic work) and by any private or public employer. It also applies in the case of transformation from a fixed-term to an open-ended contract.

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