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New directive on Equal Pay and Pay Transparency May 29, 2023 - In the EU, women earn an average 13% less than men for the same work. This is the starting point for Directive (EU) 2023/970, which aims to establish the right to equal pay for men and women performing the same work or work of equal value. The aim of the European Union is not to affect existing national wage-determination ... Read more
Employment Decree 2023: what’s new May 11, 2023 - Decree Law no. 48 of 4 May 2023 on ‘Urgent measures for social inclusion and access to employment’ has been published in the Official Gazette. The piece of legislation aims to ensure greater flexibility for personnel management and less bureaucracy for companies. In fact, in addition to changes to the Citizenship Income (Reddito di Cittadinanza) ... Read more
Remote monitoring of employees: the instructions of the National Employment Inspectorate (INL) May 10, 2023 - The National Employment Inspectorate has provided its staff with instructions regarding the issuing of authorisations for the installation of audio-visual equipment and other tools potentially enabling the monitoring of employees in the workplace. This regulation reiterates in particular that the installation of company tools, other than work tools, that may be used to remotely monitor ... Read more
Public Contracts: bonus points for companies that ensure gender equality May 8, 2023 - As is common knowledge, the Gender Equality Certification (Art. 46-bis, Equal Opportunities Code) came into force on 1 January 2022 and is issued to employers who implement policies and measures aimed at reducing the gender gap in relation to growth opportunities in the workplace and ensuring equal pay for equal tasks performed, as well as ... Read more