Diversity & Inclusion

Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo recognises that, in addition to knowledge and experience, it is important for companies to rely on a business partner that also pays attention to other key areas, such as diversity and inclusion.

We pay great attention to diversity, as reflected in every aspect of the Firm’s culture. The Firm promotes a corporate culture that hinges on a fair and non-discriminatory approach and is beneficial to our employees, professionals, and Clients alike. Diversity and inclusion are an integral part of our identity. To achieve this goal, we are personally committed to safeguarding these values and ensuring that they are applied effectively. 

The number of women employed at Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo is constantly growing; in particular, women prevail in positions of responsibility within the Firm’s governance team. In fact, women represent 38% of the total number of partners (11 of 29) and lead 3 of the 12 offices of the Firm; overall, 58% of the Firm’s professionals are women. The percentage reaches 64% when we consider those under 40. 

The Firm’s commitment to gender equality

The Firm’s continuous commitment to diversity for an inclusive social and corporate culture is demonstrated by a wide range of initiatives, including:  

  • the Firm’s Gender Equality Week – an entire week dedicated to International Women’s Day. Appointments, webinars and training for both our lawyers and consultants, as well as our Clients, in order to promote and support businesses in their efforts towards inclusiveness;
  • Internal workshops dedicated to the Firm’s employees, lawyers and consultants;
  • Support for associations like Parks – Liberi e Uguali and Valore D
  • Personal support for the Firm’s Partners in initiatives for the growth and entrepreneurial development of women in particular.

It is necessary to continue promoting initiatives aimed at ensuring inclusive leadership, also in order to prevent the loss of key talent in an era in which economic and social growth depends on the ability to predict the future.