Personnel administration, payroll processing, and social security contributions 

Our complete service for payroll management and personnel administration.

Personnel administration services consist in the management of all recurring administrative obligations and one-time formalities concerning employment relationships. The processing of monthly pay slips entails the calculation of salaries, social security and insurance contributions, duties and taxes, as well as any relevant reports that must be submitted the relevant Authorities.

Alongside the monthly payroll processing service, employers must also tend to other requirements, which, if properly managed by a qualified consultant, will protect the company during inspections and in the event of labour disputes. Indeed, taking a correct approach to the complex practical application of employment law allows entrepreneurs and professionals to save money and to avoid mistakes and disputes with employees, trade unions and supervisory authorities.

Our advisory services

We can provide support to companies through our HR management and payroll services, as well as by assisting them in the fulfilment of all the administrative formalities required to establish and manage an employment relationship.

We can also provide clients with an innovative software that allows all HR management processes to be digitalised, as well as our expert consultants, who can be contacted at any time and for every need. Our advisory services seamlessly integrate with the software, thus reducing the costs for the management of human capital.

How much does it cost?

The service is always tailored and provided on the basis of an annual fee agreed with the client in advance, which is primarily defined depending upon the size and complexity of the company organisation, as well as the number of requirements to be managed during the year in progress.

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