HR Management and Payroll

Our Division supports businesses in HR management, payroll, and personnel administration and organisation consultancy.

Personnel management, assistance for recurring administrative obligations, payroll processing and having a single consultant who also assists you in the organisational aspects of HR management: all of this is possible thanks to our HR Management and Payroll Division.

The Division was created at the beginning of 2020 as part of the strategic development underway for several years, which consists in the creation of services dedicated to companies and HR in areas that complement employment law. In fact, our mission is to support employers in all issues relating to the management of human resources, by offering them innovative solutions.

Our HR Management and Payroll Division, led by Roberto Corno, is headquartered in Varese and specialises in personnel administration and organisation consultancy for companies, in order to support them in the management of their human capital. In particular, we can assist you with the following:

HR and organisation consultancy

  • Strategic advice on personnel policy;
  • Management of employment relationships;
  • Labour cost analysis and budgeting.

Payroll and recurring obligations

  • Management and modification of INPS and INAIL employee records, supplementary funds and supplementary pensions;
  • Preparation of the Consolidated Employment Book and submission of UNIEMENS flows;
  • 770 and F24 Tax return forms and Consolidated Certification;
  • Supplementary funds and supplementary pensions;
  • Administrative management of sick, parental and other types of leave, pursuant to Law 104/1992;
  • Accident procedures, electronic filing of accidents and management of INAIL records;
  • Calculation of severance pay (TFR) and fees in case of employment termination and other events;
  • Preparation of statements for the calculation of IRAP [Italian Regional Production Tax] and studi di settore [presumptive turnover indices].

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