Labour costs and budgeting

Do you want to optimise labour costs? We can support you in defining them.

In any business, human resources are the real engine of a company. Also for this reason, labour costs are one of the budget items that most affects a company’s economic situation and costs. Indeed, when we talk about human resources, we cannot limit ourselves to HR-related operational and administrative aspects and to payroll; on the contrary, it is necessary to broaden the horizon and also pay attention to management control, with particular reference to labour costs.

What do we mean by labour costs?

Personnel budget is the cost of a company’s human capital, which is both a forecasting and a final balance tool. Precisely for this reason, this accounting entry influences and contributes to the definition of corporate strategies. It is useful for monitoring performance, goal achievement and productivity.

Personnel cost analysis is one of the most important steps in building a company’s personnel budget, which, in turn, will guide the company in defining a growth strategy roadmap. Thanks to the mechanisms inherent to the management control process, it is also possible to define a benchmark on trends concerning actual vs forecast costs in the budget: the aim is to identify, whenever necessary, the most suitable actions to be taken, as well as any inefficiencies. Only in this way will it be possible to define the most appropriate course of action.

Personnel costs range from employee recruitment (from the search to the selection of new employees) to employee management (salary, bonuses, benefits and much more), and up to professional development (training costs). Therefore, human capital is an integral part of the economic strategy of a business and, as such, must be considered as a medium-long term time variable, falling within long-term investments plans.

Only through deliberate cost control relating to human resources, can a company forecast and define certain actions, such as:

  • streamlining of the entire corporate organisation;
  • increasing workforce in areas that require greater support;
  • staff reduction, if necessary, or a different allocation than the current one;
  • using different forms of social safety nets.

How much does it cost?

The service is always tailored and provided on the basis of a fee agreed in advance with the client.

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