Advice for Employee Benefit Providers

Are you an Employee Benefit Provider? We support clients in complying with financial processes and flows.

The importance of financial flows for Employee Benefit Providers

A company that is ready to implement an Employee benefit plan must provide a platform through which employees can use the goods and services made available to them. To this end, we often rely directly on suppliers of online benefit platforms (Employee Benefit Providers), which make it possibile to completely define tailored plans and provide a back office for the management of administrative matters and general assistance.

However, it is not enough to have developed an innovative technological platform: in addition to IT processes, Employee Benefit Providers must also deal with tax compliance, as periodically defined and realigned by the Italian Revenue Agency. One of the most classic examples is what happened in January 2020, with the response to Clarification request no. 10, which shed some light on the VAT regulations applicable to ID documents in paper or electronic format (so-called vouchers) issued by Employee Benefit Providers.

Employee Benefit matters require continuous updates and support, in order to always stay up-to-date with respect to statutory and regulatory requirements, and administrative procedures requested by the authorities.

Our advisory services

We can provide support both to Employee Benefit Providers and, in general, to companies that provide services compatible with the benefit categories provided for by legislation (e.g., caregiving, education and training, leisure time, sport, health care, etc.), and wish to understand this market in order to create new business opportunities.
Our services include:

  • preliminary assessment on compliance of financial flows and delivery processes, pertaining to contents and administrative procedures underlying the provision of services;
  • review of the procedure for the provision of the service in compliance with tax legislation and administrative provisions in force;
  • validation of the procedure for the provision of the service, and support in drafting a clarification request to submit to the Italian Revenue Agency.

How much does it cost?

The service is always tailored and provided on the basis of a fee agreed with the client, as determined on the basis of the following parameters:

  • size and complexity of the flows to be evaluated;
  • phases of the project in which we are asked to participate;
  • the degree of support that the client can provide to us in the extraction of the relevant analysis data;
  • other factors that we will analyse together. 
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