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Gender equality: Biennial Reports can now be submitted June 7, 2024 - The Biennial Report containing gender equality data for the two-year period 2022/2023 can be compiled from 4 June to 15 July 2024, following the new procedures laid down by the Ministry of Labour and explained in a specially prepared Operational Guide. The new app available on the Ministry’s official website ‘Servizi Lavoro’ (Labour Services), is designed to simplify compilation and transmission of the Report regarding the situation of male ... Read more
Violence against women: Directive published May 30, 2024 - Publication of Directive no. 1385 of 14 May 2024 ‘on combating violence against women and domestic violence’. The aim of this measure is to effectively combat the still unfortunately widespread phenomenon of gender-based violence, focusing in particular on the precise definition of crimes and imposable penalties, the protection of and assistance to victims, and access to justice. In particular, it stipulates that Member States shall adopt appropriate measures to combat all forms of ... Read more
Cohesion Decree: new incentives for hiring May 15, 2024 - The Government has adopted Decree Law No. 60 of 7 May 2024 (the so-called ‘Cohesion Decree’), which contains a series of incentives aimed at employment for the most disadvantaged in terms of age, gender, and employment status, as well as encouraging self-employed entrepreneurship in order to reduce territorial disparities. For each measure the decree specifies the recipients, duration, type of ... Read more
Immigrazione: nuove regole UE sul permesso unico Immigration: new EU rules for the single permit May 13, 2024 - On 30 April, Directive 2024/1233 was published, incorporating and amending the previous Directive 2011/98/EU that instituted the single permit issued to third-country nationals wishing to reside and work in a Member State The provision of a single application procedure leading to a combined title encompassing both residence and work permits has contributed to simplifying and harmonising immigration rules. With the same view of making it ... Read more